The Bass Manual/Teaching

Mark Percy’s Bass Manual

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Chapters – Binder 1Chapters – Binder 2 (Click here to download all of Binder 2,
while tidying up of Binder 2 in progress.)
IntroductionModule 1 Instructions & Tools (under construction)
Tune-UpModule 1 Improvers (under construction)
IntervalsModule 1 Blues (under construction)
Warm-UpModule 2 (under construction)
ScalesModule 2 Start (under construction)
TriadsModule 2 End (under construction)
ArpeggiosModule 2 Final (under construction)
ModesJazz Tunes 1 (under construction)
Root and FifthJazz Tunes 2 (under construction)
Theory and PracticeTheory Module 1 (under construction)
Arpeggios 2Theory Module 2 (under construction)
Relative MinorTheory Module 3 (under construction)
Harmonics (under construction)Theory Module 4 (under construction)
Triads 2Theory Module 5 (under construction)
5 Fret GridsTheory Module 6 (under construction)
Down the #’s, Up the b’sTheory Module 7 (under construction)
5 String OctavesLibrary Unit 1 (under construction)
Notes and ExercisesLibrary Unit 2 (under construction)
Notation. Gradient Scale of Reading DevelopmentLibrary Unit 3 (under construction)
Library Unit 4 (under construction)